Friday, 27 August 2010

Sea Fishing Bass

The European Sea bass,(Dicentrarchus Lebrax) is now one of the most sort after species for sport and also for the pot, with a great taste and great nutritional qualities they are the No1 species and 2nd to none, They are used all around Europe in all the top restaurants buy all the top chefs…

Sea bass have been known to grow to a staggering 1m (3.3ft) and up to 18kgs of weight. The average size is anything between 3lb & 8lb.Any size will definitely give you a good fight they are built for speed and power all mixed together to give you the ultimate predator…

The sea bass habitats include coastal waters,estuaries,weedy and rocky areas anywhere it can hide in weight for its pray, the bass uses its stealth with great efficiency this added to its speed and power it is the ultimate hunter…Mainly feeding at night on small fish whitebait,mackerel,Peeler crab, Bass even eat each other given the chance, They are top of there game as No1 predatory fish of the European shores….
The Elusive Sea BassThe-sea-bass-caught-on-a-lure

When fishing for sea bass make sure that you don't keep under sized fish as this may end in a fine or worse it will decrease the population in sea bass over time, as they are a very slow growing fish about 8cm a year until they are about 5 if they make it to that age....

The legal size for a sea bass to be taken from the beach is 41cm (16in) this is the recommended size but you will find that most sea bass fisherman have a deep respect for the elusive bass and tend to release many of there catch,I have even seen double figures go back in which is one of the best sights as a dedicated fisherman you can see

The thing is the sea bass are now becoming protected which is very good news, In some European country's the sea bass is being farmed we are very lucky to have these programs in progress not so much for us but for the next generation and the generation after that its all good news.

When out fishing i tend to try and keep the shore clean and tidy and try not to make a mess and leave rubbish lying around , if everyone does there bit then it will help the future of are shore fishing and are children's shore fishing and so on...

I hope you enjoy my blog and other catagories.let me know how you found your experience on my blog so leave a comment or two thanks ...all the best and happy fishing


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