Other Baits

(Lug worm) - Are found normally in large numbers around muddy and sandy areas,there are two main species we use for sea fishing.

Black Lug worm is the biggest of the two usely used when targeting bigger fish such as cod,it is a great bait for cod when out wreck fishing it gives out a cent that the fish just cant resist..
    Common Lug Worm is smaller and softer than its bigger brother but this makes it an excellent choice of bait for smaller species such as sole,dabs,flatfish,rocking,pout etc

    ( Rag Worm)-There are a number of varieties of(Rag) they are found on sandy beaches or in harbours that empty on the low tide if you look you will normally see the local salts getting there evening bates using the pump method...

    King Rag is the biggest of the worms we use for sea fishing it is a very good bait for bigger fish such as big wrasse they just love um..Good on a float around rock marks in the summer...good sport.

    Common Rag Worm are a lot smaller than the king rag which is also good as they are great for all round fishing and are very easy to get hold of order at your local tackle shop,or you can get yourself a bait pump and get down the beach and get your own, before doing this try and get some local knowledge off the old salts you see around the harbour,make sure you check the tide this is very important as you don't want to get caught out by the tide as this  can be very dangerous,some tides come in quicker than you can run!!

    ( Squid) is a great versatile bait which can be used in many different ways,for big Sea Bass & big cod you can use whole which is a great way to fish it,or you can cut it into strips for the smaller species, I always have a couple of squid to hand when i am fishing its that kind of bait that can prevent you from having a blank,most anglers tend to use the strips to tip off there worm baits this gives off more sent and makes the bait a bit more stable on the hook.

    (Sand eel) The best way to use this amazing bait is live,Sea bass go mad for um.use them on a float set up this is a good and exciting way of fishing for sea bass,off rocky marks is best or off of shingle beaches,also use whole medium sand eels for catching rays,turbot,Hus,and big Pollock,also you may get Pollock off of rocky marks using the live method ,give it a go and improve your chances remember a moving bait is more attractive than a static bait.

    (Mackerel) is probably one of the most common and one of the best alround sea fishing baits,with its oily cent and shiny skin it can attract fish from far away.
     It can be cut in strips to be used for small species or you can use a fillet of mackerel on a penal rig for bass or ray etc,But the most exciting way to use this bait for big Sea Bass is to just use the head of the mackerel on a running ledger rig.make sure you cut around the head through the back bone and try to keep the guts intact so they hang from the head this will produce extra cent,hook through the nose and out through the bottom of the mouth,now here's the important bit ,don't go casting to the stars,just cast about 15-20ft out,see the bass come right up to the shore line hunting for food with casting here your putting the food right on there table..good luck and happy fishing....