Peeler Crab

Peeler Crabs are without doubt the No1 bait for catching sea bass,but a lot of people are put off of using them as they don’t know were to start when it comes to putting them on the hook so heres a short video for those of you who want to give it a go but don’t have a clue…..after watching this video your catch rate will go up some what…good luck and happy watching..

The best time of the year to use peeler crab as a hook bait is in the spring as the crabs come inshore to shed there outer shell which they will do several times throughout there lives. This is when the bass come inshore and take advantage, as the crab become really docile at this delicate time.

After popping there shell they are very venerable to predators as they will stay soft for a short time after this is when the bass move in for an easy meal, don’t get me wrong sea bass have very strong jaws and can crush hard back crab when they have to but it makes sense to weight until they peel (very clever) in an environment like that it is vital that they take there opportunities when they arise…

Also it is very important that you use fresh peeler crab, its best to pick your own but can be hard work you want to use the crab that are just about to peal if you cant get out there and get them yourself go to your local tackle shop and ask  if they can order you some fresh peeler crab that’s if they don’t sell them fresh(don’t get frozen crab) frozen just isn’t the same they don’t hook that well…Fresh is best….

Now though with all the new less mess baits coming out you can get  rubber ones from your local tackle shop they come in different colours and size you can even get a smelly dip for them,they are great to use on float gear when fishing for bass off the rocks,like i said theres less mess and they are the spit of the real thing,the best way to use the dip is apply it every cast just keep the lid off the tub and just dip it in that way theres no mess..good luck ..and happy fishing.