UK Species

The Bass
The Sea Bass- Superb eating fish,can be caught close into the shore during the summer months and through Autumn there are a number of baits but the best are Peeler Crab or mackerel head close in.

The Cod
 Cod- Yet another great tasting sea fish,Cod fish stocks have declined over the years but cod are not impossible to catch the big cod tend to stay off shore amongst the reefs and wrecks.The No1 bait for the cod are the lug worm,but also can be caught on squid or peeler crab,to catch them from the shore cast far as poss.....

The Black Bream
 Black Bream-This is also a good fish for the pot, can be caught throughout the summer months all around the British isles.The best baits for these fish are small pieces of fish ie, mackerel or squid but i think the best is the common rag worm...

The Pollock
  Pollock-Are a good fighting fish,it can be caught around Pier walls and in rocky areas the bigger fish tend to stay out at sea around the reefs and wrecks.The top baits to catch the Pollock are small fish,rag worm and peeler crab but also they can be tempted by the spinner or a shiny lure from the rocks.

The Flounder
 Flounder-This species can be found in any waters around the UK it likes to stay inshore on the sandy patches and small gravel bottom shores,make sure to use small hooks when fishing for flounder,they like Rag worm,lug worm,and Peeler Crab in the summer...