UK Hot Spots

The Chesil From Portland
Chesil-As i live on the south coast i spend allot of my time fishing the chesil i have had some success in the past with some good Sea Bass,codling,whiting etc and at the cove end near Portland anglers have been known to catch the trigger fish,This beach stretches for about 17 miles i have walked every bit of it a number of times its beautiful.
At the Portland end they call the cove pebbles are big and as you make your way down to west bay they get smaller and then turn into sand.And it is said that the sea is deeper at the cove end getting shallower as  you walk westwards towards west bay.

Poole-Its said that Poole harbour is one of the biggest natural harbours in great Britain at 36 square kilometers (14 sq mi) it also has an average depth of 48cm but a channel has been dredged making a path for the ferry's to operate.
Poole harbour can produce some good place and some great flounder because of its silty,clay bottom.This gives them more camouflage and therefore is the perfect habitat for them,it has also produced some double figure Sea Bass in the past and some cracking black bream...